MS Project Scheduling

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MS Project Course Introduction

Master the art of creating a schedule in CCS Candy. Scheduling is an essential project management skill and it’s guaranteed to boost your career and raise your stature as an essential member to the project team. With this short CCS Candy online planning course from Le Roux Consulting, you have the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and become a CCS Candy planning expert on your next project. Whatever your job title, the skills you get from this course will help set you apart in the industry.

Course Cirriculum

Our MS Project construction scheduling course is designed to take you through a realistic case study project in MSP. The course is divided into 9 different modules. These modules start with basic fundamentals and build up to ensure you are able to understand, not only the fundamentals of planning but that you are also able to see how a realistic schedule is created and updated using Microsoft’s Project software. You will learn the following after completing this course:

– Getting familiar with the MSP software interface
– Understanding and adjusting the most important settings
– The difference between Auto and Manual Scheduling modes
– Key navigation – Views and Tables

– CPM scheduling basics

– The 3 task types in MSP
– Adding logic or interdependence to your schedule
– The 4 types of links in MS Project and when to use them

– Introduction to the Case Study project and starting a new project
– Works Breakdown Structure (WBS) – the most important step in planning and scheduling
– Setting up your WBS in MSP
– Setting up and adding the milestones
– How to set up the project calendar
– How to create separate calendars for specific activities or teams
– Add tasks & durations to the WBS packages
– Add logic to the tasks
- Assignment 1 – Certificate
– The completed schedule

– The 3 types of resources and when to use what
– Creating resources
– Assigning resources to tasks
– Resource Troubleshooting
– Understanding the different task types
– Finding resource over-allocations and resolving them
– Importing resources

– Introduction to cost loading
– Cost loading using Resources
– Cost loading using a Bill of Quantities in MS Project
- Assignment 2 Certificate

– Filter and Sorting
– Constraints and their use in the schedule
– Setting and Managing Baselines
– Barchart settings that will make your schedules look great

– Five steps to updating a schedule in MS Project
– Capturing your progress data
– Recalculate or reschedule remaining work

– Report printing Golden Rules that will make your life easier
– Techniques for popular reports

Meet your Instructor

Kobus is a professional project manager, planning professional and construction contracts expert. Through the international Project Management Institute (PMI), Kobus obtained Professional Scheduling accreditation. He is a guest lecturer at various Universities, where his insight into MS Projects and scheduling, are enjoyed by Project Managements students in Business Schools, IT, Project Management and Construction Economics faculties.

Professionally, Kobus assisted various project teams and companies with complex, construction schedules, disputes or claims. He has scheduled and managed numerous high value projects in sectors such as building, civil works, mining, power, rail and oil/gas.

Having dealt with planning, forensic scheduling and project management for a number of prominent clients internationally, Kobus is proficient in planning packages such as Microsoft Project, CCS Candy, Synchro Pro, Asta and Primavera

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Bonus Features

Get a copy of our Excel-based dashboard which we use on as an external reporting tool with our MS Project data.