A monthly report to reserve your entitlement to claim


Protect your company against Liquidated Damages.
Enable your business to rightfully claim from delay events.
Ensure all contemporaneous records are gathered
Real-tome programme updated, ready for your managment meetings and reports.


We integrate with your project team.
Use your update programme and see if delay events are entered.
And delay events showing real-time entitlement from culpable delay events.
Formulate and mantain your interim claim with contemporaneous records.
Issue monthly reports to facilitate Contracts requeriments & support Managment meetings.


REPORT presenting entitled delay events

Delays of all parties shown.
Entitled delays days shown.
Summary of the delays for high level reporting.
Baseline dates, revised dates and planned dates.

Alocation of responsibility of entitles delay events


Indication of key dates and slippages


S curve indicating progress


Manhour Consumption


Dominant Risks for the Contractor causing delays are ineffective Site Management and supervision, Planning and Scheduling problems, Labour shortages and productivity. 

PROGRAMME highlighting delay events

We import delay fragnets into your update programme.
Establish parameters to measure and indicate delay events.
Critical path analysis.
Delay indicators shown in programme.

Activities with Baseline and current dates

Delay and Disruption Protocol ANALYSIS

Windows slices of delay events.
Protocols of delay analysis used for window slices.
Delay events and fragnets isolated.
Longest path indicators.

Windows slice details

Programme & Snapshot details

Delay indicator

Programme & Snapshot details

Programme & Snapshot details

Brief details of the fragnet inserted

Brief details of the fragnet inserted

Clear distintion between Employer and Contractor delays

99% of all project are delayed. Start the process early to assess the event and gather supporting documents. 

DELAY event register

Detail of the notices for the delay event.
Dates for interim and final claims to be submitted.
Document references.
Entitlement to proceed with a claim (yes or not).
Cost and/or Time indicators.
Report on the merit of the delay event.

Description of the delay event

Entitlement for an Extention of the Programme


Summary of Claim

Dominant Risk for the Employer is caused by delays from Variation Orders, Incomplete design, drawing issuing and long waiting time for approvals.